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Amy Hale Books

She’s lost, scared, and can’t remember a thing about her past or her identity. She senses all is not as it should be, but without her memory, how does she know what to fear and what to trust? Because of her status as a Jane Doe, she names herself Jane and works to put her... Continue Reading →

Forsake Blog Tour!!

This is my stop during the book blitz for Forsake by Andrea Pearson. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz takes place on 19 October. See the tour schedule here. Forsake By Andrea Pearson Genre: Urban Fantasy Age category: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult Release Date: 18 October, 2017 Blurb:... Continue Reading →

Havenwood Falls High

Because not only do the adults get to have fun in Havenwood Falls, we have a multitude of stories to share about the teens. Growing up in a town like this has its advantages – and its disadvantages. Come discover the first-love romance, teenage angst, and trials and tribulations of the students, human and supernatural, of... Continue Reading →

Havenwood Falls

SELRES_cfb8e9b1-af62-473b-b0bc-14e1155e1f62SELRES_cfb8e9b1-af62-473b-b0bc-14e1155e1f62 Located in a box canyon in western Colorado, picturesque Havenwood Falls offers breathtaking views, four beautiful seasons, and the quaint charm of a small town. A couple hours’ drive from the nearest box store, and surrounded by mountains, thousands of forested acres, and crisp streams and hot springs, it provides seclusion that its supernatural residents... Continue Reading →

My Favorite FREE books

A lot of times when I'm searching for a new book to read I start with the free books. and most of the time I end up buying the rest of the series. So here are some of my favorite Free books and links to the author sites and links to amazon so you can... Continue Reading →

Quinn Loftis has been one of my favorites for years. Here is a post with all of her books and excerpts from the first in each series!!   Prince of Wolves Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary 17 year old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When... Continue Reading →

Stephany Wallace

I Loved Hidden Magic and I am super excited to announce her next book, Renewed Magic was released on May 30!! and in celebration of the release you can get Hidden magic for 99¢!!! Make sure you don't have anything to do when you read these can't stop!! Hidden Magic Excerpt: How would you... Continue Reading →

Alicia Rades

  I have read The Crystal Frost series and was not disappointed at all!! It was such a well written story that kept me reading until I finished the whole series...3 days!! It was just that good. Stand alone books: Distant Dreams: Kai Watson is only 16, but she's never had a real dream in... Continue Reading →

Rachel E. Carter

This series is so interesting and pulls you in right from the beginning. This is one of those series where you want to hate a character so bad, but in the end you end up liking them and wanting the best for them. Let me know if you read (or have read this series). They... Continue Reading →

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